Top 5 Canadian Comedy TV Series to Watch

  1. Broad City.  Broad city show started as critically acclaimed website series and later turned to a comedy central, a popular show. It has two protagonists that are female named as Ilana and Abby. They double as writers and creators of the entire show, as they find their version of success in the New York. Abby is seen as a struggling artist, who is trying to get her career in New York, as Ilana appears to be sexually deviant, millennial hippie finding her happiness. Generally, the path that these to women and best friends take, normally lead them to a very ridiculous journey. In result, it becomes a very funny and nice show to watch.


  1. Bojack horseman.  The word Bojack refers to the name of Netflix series as well as the lead protagonist. It is set in a place where anthropomorphic animal and human being coexist. Bojack Horseman is a very personified horse, which now becomes a washed-up actor since 1990 fighting to get the meaning of life and work. He is narcissistic and alcoholic, together with other many problems, which do not need to be mentioned here. The only thing that is making him going is his best moments with friends, who mean a lot but have their own problems as well. This comedy can appear to be dramatic and dark in some parts mixes light-hearted jokes. The comedy turns out to be so good and with a very great writing.


  1. Eric Andre Show.  The comedy is a parody, in late-night talk show that is hosted by Eric Andre. He is so unpredictable, wild and somehow insane. His style of comedy becomes so hilarious. Hannibal Buress is his co-host during the show. He contributes a lot to the show by balancing Eric’s energy. He is also very wired. Generally, the show appears like a late-night show. The celebrities normally seat down together with Eric. Both of them are known to be the worst TV hosts for any talk program. They actually attempt to have their guests uncomfortable in the best way they can. This results in making the show very hilarious comedy you can ever watch.


  1. Nathan for you.  Nathan fielder is the creator of the show. He is a Canadian by birth. This is one of the uncomfortable comedy you can watch in a good way possible. He plays a role of himself that is intentionally awkward but a business savvy. Actually, he uses the business skills that he archived from a top business school in Canada. He uses some skills in the show, which are funny, but they work. This has become one of the great comedies in Canada.


  1. Curb Enthusiasm.  Larry David and Seinfeld create the show. Larry is just a comedic that is genius and found success in having a comedy about randomness, of daily life to become hilarious. The comedy has been in existence since 2000. This is a very hilarious comedy to watch.